MBA In Health Care – The Essence Of The Program

The mission of the program is a comprehensive training of managers and specialists in Health Management. Feature of the program is to prepare Health Care Managers in modern management techniques and changes in active development areas, as well as primary medical specialty. The program is primarily practical and is based on parsing of real situations that arise in managing the organization health care system.Learning Objectives:The course focuses on skills in the field of law and legislation, budget planning, efficient management in terms of changes, health information systems and marketing.The list of subjects of MBA programs on health includes subjects that provide a common understanding of the typical organization of health systems. Getting an MBA in Health Care generally includes an internship, during which a student spends time in some of the health institutions, such as:* Hospitals
* Nursing homes
* Rehabilitation facilities
* Department of HealthMost of the MBA in Health Care consist of studying the process of managing and understanding the policies and procedures. Usually these subjects are focused on information systems, communication technologies and personnel management.In a typical curriculum one can find the subjects of politics, legal issues, ethical standards and government relations at the local, district and state level. Some subjects will cover the historical aspects of health care or planning for future development.Also in the list of subjects funding must be included. If we consider health as a business, it is important to understand the economics basis for management of health facilities. MBA in Health Care includes such items relating to the financial side:* Accounting of Health
* Marketing in Healthcare Management
* Health Economics
* Finance in Healthcare Management.

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